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About Me

Hi, Fellow Travelers!

My name is Kim and my first ever airplane trip was in 1985 when I went to Australia by myself to visit a friend in New South Wales for 5 weeks.  In 1992, I took my first trip to Europe with my husband. We visited London and Denmark.  Since then, I have been to Europe many times.  I have a great love for London - which feels like home to me. I also love the European continent and try to get to new countries as often as possible.  I spent nearly a decade traveling as a tag-along with my husband as he traveled for work.  Now, we just go for fun.  We have also spent many great family vacations in Hawaii.  It's so beautiful and easy to visit for American travelers.  


After planning family and friends travel for years, I finally decided to join my friend at Mill Creek Travel and become a travel agent, or as I prefer to call it, a professional travel planner. 

Send me an email and let's talk about where you want to go!

At the Christmas Market in Strasbourg France

Gil and Laura, South Carolina

Traveled to Amsterdam, Germany and London

Great experience! Kim is a wonderful help, a great value and made our multi country trip a great success. Accommodated all of our sometimes quirky needs and is very responsive. Highly recommended.  We're planning our next trip (to Bermuda) with Kim right now.  
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